• Classes consisting of a small number of students

All classes in Best English Studies are homogeneous in terms of student level and all lessons are of conference type.

  • Native speaker’s teaching

In Best English Studies, English is the mother tongue of the majority of our native speakers. This is one of the most powerful advantages of our center, since the students not only are taught the language, but also are provided with the experience of English everyday life.

  • Only in English!

During their stay at the center, all teachers and students of Best English Studies speak only in English. It is the most effective way of practicing the language. In Best English Studies, we strongly believe that simple, everyday and direct communication in English is what will help the children fully acquire the language.

  • Writing Support

In Best English Studies our students are taught how to write compositions in English and acquire fluency in written speech through special lessons – seminars.

  • Use of audio-visual means – Interactive Boards

One image equals a thousand words! In Best English Studies we use the power of the image through the use of Interactive Boards. Images, colors, sound, vocabulary! Vividness and creativity! The use of audio-visual means makes the lesson more fun, more interesting and helps the children to better comprehend the new knowledge.

  • New Technologies

Each student has personal access to the special platform of Best English Studies - without the need for internet use – the platform automatically corrects the student’s results and directly informs the parent and the director of studies about the child’s performance. There is access for all applications – in tablets and smart phones with videos, documentaries, vocabulary and grammar games - provided to our students for free.

  • Best Specialties

Best Speaking Lab (B.S.L)

Special free lessons including extra conversations in English with native speakers, aiming at the development of presentation skills.

  • Best Grammar Revision (B.G.R)

Special revision grammar exercises at the end of each month for better comprehension of grammatical rules.

  • In-class specialized Simulation Tests

(vocabulary, grammar, text comprehension, oral practice, listening) for all degrees.

  • Summer Classes

Intensive courses for those students who want to take advantage of their time during the summer season.

  • Young Certificates for Learners

In Best English Studies there is a special and targeted preparation for all Young Certificates for Learners of Cambridge and Michigan Universities.

  • Evaluation of Students – Providing Parents with Information

In Best English Studies, we put great emphasis on student assessment. Through special tests we discover the weak points of the students, so that they are fully covered, as well as the strong points, so that they can further develop. The relationship between our center and the students’ parents is constant throughout the whole school year. Parents are informed daily about the progress of their children.

  • Best English Library

In Best English Studies, we are proud of the new department we have created. Our library! Guided by the care and enormous experience of the Director of Studies, Dr. Antonios Moutsos, we have created a library for all English levels, which consist of the most important works of English Literature. The books are available to any student who wants to learn more about English culture and get to know the great classic as well as modern English writers.