• Classes consisting of a small number of students

All classes in Best English Studies are homogeneous, consisting of a small number of students per level.

  • Native speaker’s teaching

In Best English Studies, English is the mother tongue of the majority of our native speakers. This is one of the most powerful advantages of our center, since the students are not only taught the language, but they are also provided with the experience of English everyday life.

  • Business English for 100 specialties!

In Best English Studies we are proud to offer the opportunity to learn specialized terminology for over 100 professional qualities (law, medicine, nursing, hotels - tourism, banking, sales - marketing, electronics, logistics, aesthetics, physiotherapy, culinary, flight attendants, art – design etc.). This makes teaching even more targeted, so that it can fully correspond to the specific needs of every adult student.

  • Best Speaking Lab

Our students attend speaking classes in order to expand and enrich their communication skills. These classes are conducted only by native speakers and our students are divided into groups according to their level.

  • Only in English!

During their stay at the center, all teachers and students of Best English Studies speak only in English. It is the most effective way of practicing the language. In Best English Studies, we strongly believe that simple, everyday and direct communication in English is what will help the children fully acquire the language.

  • New Technologies

Technology is an integral part of teaching at Best English Studies. Every student has the opportunity to do the listening tasks, learn the vocabulary and grammar, not only through the lessons in our center of study but also through the special Internet platform of Best English Studies.

  • Private Lessons

In our center we offer the opportunity of individual learning of the English language with the help of native speakers and the director of studies in tailor-made programs based on the needs and requirements of each adult student individually.